How to Apply for Job on Sea Cloud Cruises

The Sea Cloud Cruises line offers unique cruising experiences for its guests. There are four ships run by the German company: River Cloud II (river yacht), Sea Cloud II (windjammer), the Sea Cloud (windjammer), and the Sea Cloud Hussar. The Sea Cloud Hussar will set sail for its virgin passenger ship in 2011. Each ship offers exquisite service and privacy so guests can relax and socialize.

The fleet of ships takes everything seriously, including guest enjoyment. They are also a prime setting for romance and a perfect holiday escape from everyday concerns. Guests from around the world take advantage of the cruise line with many booking trips months and years in advance. First class cuisine and discreet service are additional trademarks of this five star cruise line.

Each ship is sailed by hand giving guests a true sense of what it means to live life at sea. The ships vary in size but they are not large when compared to the massive cruise ships many people vacation on today. The sizes vary with the current three ships operating with a passenger guest list when fully booked from 68 to 136.

The destinations are as exotic as the ships themselves. The most remote locations in the Mediterranean, Northern Europe and the Caribbean are on itineraries throughout the year. Cruise jobs on these ships will take employees to places most never see in a manner most people never experience. If you are looking for a party atmosphere, these cruiseline jobs are not for you.

Considering the small size, there are fewer cruise ship employment opportunities with Sea Cloud Cruises than other more popular cruise lines. In addition, employees will need to show they have experience and are able to meet the needs of those with sophisticated tastes.

There are employment opportunities for hospitality professionals, first class chefs, dining and kitchen staff, spa personnel, cruise staff, land based staff, and sailors who know how to sail a traditional masthead ship. These cruise jobs are highly sought after and will require effort to get.

The best way to get a cruise job with Sea Cloud Cruises is to contact one of the company’s two headquarters and speak with the human resource department. They will be able to provide the information you need to apply for positions in your field as they become available. Another alternative to working directly with the company is to work with a placement agency that specializes in jobs on cruise ships.

Remember these positions are very competitive. Do your research on the company before you contact them to increase your chances of getting one of these amazing cruise line jobs.

Contact Information for Sea Cloud Cruises
U.S. Office
32-40 North Dean St.
Englewood, NJ 07631 Phone: 201-227-9404
Fax: 201-227-9424
Email: [email protected]
Toll Free: 1-888-732-2568

An der Alster 9
20099 Hamburg

Tel: +49 (0)40-309592-0
Fax: +49 (0)40-309592-22
Email: info(at)

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