How to Become a Dining Room Captain on Cruises

Dining room captains on cruises have a great deal of responsibility when it comes to ensuring smooth service and the enjoyment of the evenings dining experience. Under Dining room captains work to make sure that all guests are accounted for, assigned seating meets the requirements of guests, that buffets are set up correctly, service stands are ready to go, and that drink stations are operating correctly.

And these tasks are just the beginning. Dining room captains are responsible for special parties, private room functions, catering requests, and ensuring that staff has the tools and skills they need to perform their jobs. Captains also make sure the restaurant stays clean and he handles all necessary sanitation requirements.

Because cruise lines usually feature several restaurants and many other dining options such as eateries and cafes, the need to fill dining room captain positions is greater than most. Many captains begin as waiters, waitresses or bartenders within a restaurant or company. Sometimes they begin as dishwashers or busboys. Becoming a dining room captain is as much about drive, determination and ability as it is about anything else. There are schools where individuals can get certificates or degrees in hospitality but experience is irreplaceable in this dining industry.

To get a job as a dining room captain jobs on cruise ships, you will need to apply for open positions. You can do this through cruise ship employment companies or through recruiters that help fill cruise line jobs. Other options include applying directly to individual cruise lines through the company’s website or the company’s recruiting department.

These options are the easiest way to find a cruise job as a dining room caption. Many people interested in working for cruise lines base their applications on where a cruise line travels and when it travels. You may love the idea of going to the Caribbean for six months but not love the idea of spending that much time cruising around Alaska.

Cruise jobs have many benefits: travel the world, medical coverage, free room and board, the ability to meet lots of people, and time off in exotic vacation spots to name a few. Contracts usually run 3-6 months depending on the cruise line. Dining room captains can expect to make between $2,600 and $5,200 U.S. per month

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