How to Get a Job on Club Med 2

The Club Med 2 is a luxury 657 foot sailing ship. Every summer this intimate cruise ship takes vacationers throughout the Mediterranean visiting ports of call that feed the imagination, offer amazing opportunities to see exotic places and provide a bit of romance for those you desire it.

There are over 200 cruise ship jobs on the Club Med 2. However, the competition for these positions is intense, so applicants will need to ensure that they are ready when submitting an application. There are deck, cabin, entertainment, serving, kitchen, hospitality, maintenance, officer, recreation, sports instructors, spa attendants and medical cruise jobs available for those who wish to pursue them.

The first step to getting cruise line employment on the Club Med 2 is to visit the company’s recruitment website ( and see what cruiseline jobs they are looking to fill. When you visit the recruitment website, you will want to click on the “Discover our professions” tab on the top of the page.

This tab takes visitors to a page where they can search through the various positions the company employs. On the left hand side of the page is a list of departments. When you click on one of the departments, you will find the various positions in the department appear in the column to the right.

Once you find the position you are looking for, you can click on that link and a description of the job will appear. Information on job responsibilities and qualifications needed to be considered for the job are also listed as well as information on whether or not Club Med is currently seeking candidates to fill this position. If the position is open, there will be an “Apply” button for applicants to click and begin the application process.

Applicants looking for a job that is not listed or is currently listed as not available will need to complete the two-step process the company has set up to consider potential candidates. The first step involves pre-selection where an applicant sends in a CV and cover letter to be considered for a phone interview.

A successful phone interview will lead to an invite to a recruitment day where applicants will have the opportunity to learn more about the cruise line, meet Club Med representatives and showcase individual skills and talents. When an individual is selected for potential employment, the human resources department will work with them to find a placement aboard one of the company’s ships including the Club Med 2. Detailed information on the process can be found by clicking on the “Come and Join us” tab at the top right of the company’s recruitment website.

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