Sailing on Fathom Adonia

Fathom Adonia is 704-passenger ship that offers the luxuries and amenities of a large vessel, as well as the intimacy that lets passengers get well acquainted with each other. Travelers sailing on Fathom Adonia typically have shared interests, such as wanting to travel the world while making a difference on the planet. Cruises on Fathom Adonia are impact cruises that allow vacationers to volunteer in place like Cuba and the Dominican Republic while they’re traveling and having an amazing time.


There are 4 restaurants on Fathom Adonia: The Conservatory, Lido Grill, Ocean Grill, and the Pacific Restaurant. The Conservatory is a buffet that serves light meals in a relaxed setting. It features an outside dining area, so it can be a perfect spot to enjoy the sun or a sunset while sailing Fathom Adonia. The Lido Grill offers food in a strictly outdoor venue. Favorites at this eatery include Cuban sandwiches and Dominican-infused entrees. At Ocean Grill, regional dishes are highlighted and there’s a Caribbean-themed dessert menu. Pacific Restaurant is open early for a Rise and Shine Breakfast, and it serves hearty lunches and healthy dinners as the days progress.

Bars and Clubs 

For a relatively small ship, Fathom Adonia provides a large assortment of bars and clubs to drink or socialize in. Crow’s Nest is a lovely spot for pre or post-dinner cocktails, because it sits on the top of Adonia and it offers stunning views. For cruisers who like to sip and try new-world wines, Glass House delights with its selections of vintages as well as beers, cocktails, and tapas. Those who want to linger over a rich espresso or cappuccino head to Raffles Coffee Bar.

Fun in the Sun 

While sailing Fathom Adonia, you have a main pool and 2 large whirlpool spas to luxuriate in. These outdoor spaces are great for travelers who want to soak up the sun and possibly grab a refreshing drink at the same time. There are sun loungers all around the pool and whirlpools for rest and sunbathing.


Curzon’s Lounge is a hotspot on Adonia featuring dancing on a parquet wood floor and live music in island rhythm sounds. Music lovers can also visit Anderson’s and enjoy live piano tunes.

Fitness and Spa Services 

Fathom Adonia’s Oasis Spa offers a restful retreat filled with steam rooms, a therapy pool equipped with energizing water jets, and a range of spa luxurious spa treatments. In Adonia’s Fitness Center, you’ll find state-of-the-art machines that can help keep you in shape while sailing Fathom Adonia. Fitness instructors also teach classes in a large fitness studio.


Fathom Adonia offers a library that’s perfect for cozying up with a book, in front of a fireplace and under a beautiful frescoed ceiling. The comfortable chairs in the library are perfect spots to read through the library’s collection of titles from fiction, travel, and other genres.

On a Fathom Adonia cruise, you might enjoy an afternoon relaxing in the sun one day and then spend the next helping out people in a nearby village community. Fathom Adonia is for people who want top-notch amenities, exemplary local-inspired cuisine, and special touches that distinguish a vessel from the rest. It’s also for those who want create a better world through travel. Currently the only vessel in the Fathom fleet, which sails under the ownership of Carnival Corporation & PLC, Fathom Adonia is an ideal small ship for casual sailing with grand purpose.

Fathom Adonia

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