Seabourn Announces New “Sensational” Sale!

If you’ve been looking to take an incredibly luxurious trip with Seabourn Cruise Line, there’s no better time than now thanks to their newly announced savings package. The offer is called Sensational Suite Savings (who can resist such great alliteration?!) and promises to save prospective travelers more than a couple of bucks on a variety of different rooms. The offer ends on April 30, so there’s nearly two months to capitalize before it goes away.

Parts of the offer

There are several different parts to the savings offer, and they’re all quite exciting. The first is a complimentary veranda for Ocean View suites, as well as up to three category veranda suite upgrades. There’s also a good amount of credit you can receive if you book during the offer: you can get up to $600 shipboard credit per suite, and up to $1000 Air Credit per guest (not per suite!). There’s also an internet package that offers up to 600 minutes per guest. One of the biggest draws is a 50% reduced deposit, as well. For those looking to live it up in one of the magnificent Penthouses or Premium Suites, the prizes start looking even sweeter. You can get up to $2000 in shipboard credit and unlimited internet. If you were gonna book one of these rooms anyway, you should definitely book now to get these crazy rewards!

What’s the catch?

Well, the first catch is that you need to book by April 30, but that’s a given. The other catch is that it only applies to certain select itineraries. You can read the details, as well as see all the trips that it applies to, on their site over here. But, not to spoil it, there’s a lot of options. Some of their featured cruises are a 14-night trip that leaves Vancouver on June 12 and visits Alaska to check out glaciers and fjords. You can also save big on a 33-day cruise that leaves Vancouver on October 2 and skips across the United States, Central America and South America before finally ending up in Miami a month later. And that’s just two of many!

Lots of people might be feeling wary about cruising right now due to coronavirus, but deals like this are just too good to pass up. For those feeling the nerves, Seabourn keeps track of Travel Health Advisories and other health-related news over here, which you should definitely check out. A wise decision, though, would be to book a cruise in 2021 when it’s likely the virus will have blown over.

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