The New Regent World Cruise for 2024

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to drop everything and go on a cruise around the world, here it is. Regent has just announced its 2024 world cruise, and it is definitely one that is hard to pass up. We’ve always been excited by world cruises, and this is one that really stands out. It hits four continents and 31 countries over the course of more than 100 nights. Unlike other similar cruises that try to pack in as many ports as possible into their itineraries, this one allows you to fully immerse yourself in every location.

The stats

As with any world cruise, the stats on Regent’s 2024 “Moments in Time” itinerary are quite impressive. It lasts for 132 nights (that’s more than four months, by the way). There are a total of 66 ports that are visited as well as 61 UNESCO World Heritage sites. The ship will travel 34,500 nautical miles in total, and guests will be able to choose between 442 free (yes, free) shore excursions throughout the course of the trip. It will all take place on the Seven Seas Mariner, a Regent ship with a 700-guest capacity. Seven Seas Mariner is right in the middle of Regent’s fleet in terms of size, meaning guests on this cruise will have enough space to be comfortable without feeling like the ship is too crowded.

The highlights

The sheer number of different locations that are visited on this cruise means that every traveler is going to have their own highlight. That’s the point of a world cruise! With that said, we can still describe some of the coolest ports that are included in the itinerary. The cruise departs from Miami, Florida on January 6th, 2024 and quickly heads south. One of the first ports is Puerto Quetzal in Guatemala where travelers will be able to see both volcanoes and ancient ruins. By the end of the month, the ship will head over to Hawaii for a four-day stay that is all about relaxation. The highlights just keep coming after that: Yangon in Myanmar, Dubai in the UAE, Rome in Italy, Barcelona in Spain. The full action-packed itinerary is here.

The price

This is a world cruise, and that means that the price is naturally going to be quite steep. According to Regent, fares start at $73,499. One thing that should be noticed about the price, though, is that many things come free with this cruise. In addition to the aforementioned shore excursions, guests will also be treated to complimentary air fare, valet laundry, hotel stays, and more. So, yes, it’s expensive, but you certainly get what you pay for.

Reservations for this cruise open up on July 14th, 2021, and we expect the spots to sell out fast. You can request pricing over here.

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