Three Incredible and Remote National Park Cruises

Have you ever taken a cruise to a national park? While most of us probably associate national parks with being stuck in the car during long road trips, this isn’t the only way to access them. In fact, cruises to national parks are more common than you might have thought originally (especially because areas like the Great Barrier Reef are technically national parks). Here are three cool cruises that will take you to some amazing, remote national parks.

10-Day Double Denali with Holland America

Denali is the type of national park that should be on the top of any wilderness fanatic’s list. It’s stunning, remote, huge, and full of wildlife and incredible sights to see. The only problem is that it is, by most people’s standards, relatively hard to get to. So why not take a cruise there? This Holland America itinerary takes you from Vancouver across Alaska all the way to Denali, where you’ll spend two days. This is also a two-for-one for national park fans, as you’ll also get a day of scenic cruising through Glacier Bay National Park, which looks just as amazing as it sounds. You can check out more details here.

Glacier Bay National Park Adventure Cruise with Uncruise

Speaking of Glacier Bay, here’s one for anyone who wants to explore that area a bit more in-depth than the Holland America cruise would allow for. This is a true adventure cruise that will really allow you to get acquainted with this park. You’ll spy glaciers, view wildlife (think sea lions and bears), and even get a chance to go whale watching. Some of the activities include hiking through remote and wild environments, making this more of an expedition than a luxurious time to relax. As Uncruise puts it, “There’s no abracadabra here. Mother Nature’s magic is real.” You can check out the details and different dates for this itinerary on their site.

13-Day New Zealand with Princess Cruises

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention at least one national park outside of the U.S., and what better one to highlight than the Fiordland National Park in New Zealand? While many of Princess Cruises’ New Zealand itineraries will take you through this park, this one in particular should catch your attention simply due to how great the price is for what you’re getting. You’ll only get to spend one day at Fiordland, but you’re sure to enjoy it. It’s one of the most scenic places you can imagine. Check out this great deal of a cruise over here.

National parks are some of the best travel destinations across the world, so why not let your next cruise vacation show you some of the sights most worth preserving on this planet?

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