Variety Cruises Eyes July 24th to Start Sailing Again

Every cruise line has a different plan on when it will be safe to start sailing again, and it seems Variety Cruises will be one of very few companies that will be hitting the waters this month. Variety announced that July 24th is when they plan to sail this summer. Here are all the details you need to know.

Variety Cruises

If you’re not familiar with this cruise line, here’s a small rundown. Founded in 2006 in Greece, Variety Cruises is a company that specializes in small ships and yachts that carry very few people. Their fleet is made up of eight cruise ships and four yachts. They provide a unique experience in the modern day cruise industry, and they extend this to their choice of destinations, as they sail to more obscure places than most other cruise lines do.

But what about the No Sail Order?

At this point, there are pretty much two No Sail Orders that are having an impact worldwide. The first is the CDC’s No Sail Order, which was first put into place months ago. This order is up, conveniently, on July 24th. That still leaves the newest No Sail Order, courtesy of the CLIA, to contend with. That is in place until September 15th. However, Variety Cruises is not a member of the CLIA, meaning they do not need to follow the rules of this order. They also do not need to worry about the CDC extending their order, because it applies to ships that have a capacity of 250 or more people. The first ship of Variety’s that will be resuming operations will be their Galileo, which has a 49-guest capacity. A ship that size is basically safe from a No Sail Order and only has to contend with local gathering laws, as well as any tourism guidelines for locations it might visit.

So where will it visit?

As of now, Variety only has one itinerary planned in July, and it’s called “Greece: the Jewels of Cyclades.” So, no, they aren’t planning on taking any grand journeys aboard their vessels just yet; instead, they are sticking close to home for their inaugural sailing. This is a repeated itinerary that departs every Friday starting July 24th, and it starts at $2590, for any interested parties.

Variety restarting their business is one of the first decisions of their new CEO Filippos Venetopoulus. Hopefully their transition back to sailing goes smoothly.

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