Why You Should Start 2020 Off With a Cruise

The new year (and new decade!) is here, and what better way to start 2020 than with a cruise? Obviously we are a bit biased, but we think that cruises are an excellent way to mark the new year, new you type deal. While you may already have some resolutions of your own, they can wait a little bit, right?

See somewhere new!

Sometimes it can feel like life is pretty monotonous. We don’t say that to sound depressing, but it’s true! Whether you’re in school or work, a lot of us are doing the same activities and seeing the same people every day. If that’s the case, you might lose inspiration and just be getting bored with everything. A cruise can be the perfect way to take a quick (or long, if that’s more your speed) excursion away from what you’re seeing every day and show yourself that the new decade can hold exciting, amazing things. Or, maybe it’ll just help clear your mind and make the thought of tackling another decade a little bit less daunting. A vacation is something that everyone needs once in a while for general mental health, and cruises offer a great deal of variety in terms of where you go and price point. Plus, once you’re on board, nearly everything is figured out for you, so you can just focus on relaxing.

See something new…inside you!

Piggybacking on our last point, travelling is a great way to find out things about yourself you may not have known. If you’re from Wyoming but never been to the Caribbean, a tropical cruise could help you learn about your tastes in climate. Maybe you’ll head on a European river cruise complete with bike tours to art museums, engaging in the human condition and diving deep into your psyche. New years are great times for re-evaluation of the self, your desires and your needs. A brief change of your surroundings and activities (something a cruise forces you to do) will alter your perspective in a way that might end up altering your whole decade. And if not, you’ll at least get some new ocean views.

It’s never been a better time to cruise!

2020 is, without a doubt, the best year for cruises yet. There are so many more options in brands, ships, ports, activities and themes, meaning you can get a trip perfectly suited to you more than ever before. There are music-themed cruises, cruises only for people over 50, luxury cruises that will have you never moving a muscle, adventure cruises that take you to exotic locations at the far reaches of the globe…. Who doesn’t find that exciting?

If you’re convinced, but a newcomer that isn’t sure how to book their first cruise, check out our article on how to do just that. Our Cruise Line Profiles are also a great way to get primed on the different companies out there and what they can offer, as well. Make 2020 a little different and treat yourself a little differently!

Why You Should Start 2020 Off With a Cruise
Article Name
Why You Should Start 2020 Off With a Cruise
The new year (and new decade!) is here, and what better way to start 2020 than with a cruise?

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