Yachts and Yacht Crewing Agencies

Working on a cruise ship, cruise line or yacht is a dream job for many people. Individuals who like to travel, enjoy the open sea, and have a sense of adventure are great candidates for jobs on cruise ships.

When considering a cruise job, many companies and individuals will tell you it’s a great lifestyle. You get to travel the world, get great tips, enjoy a very good salary, have all your living accommodations taken care of (including meals), and enjoy several weeks of vacation a year. Many cruise jobs offer employees six weeks or more vacation time a year. Cruise ship employees also enjoy meeting famous celebrities along with their friends and family.

In addition to these perks, employees can take advantage of the many activities and adventures the cruise ship they work on offer. This includes on-board activities as well as excursions at local ports during their time off. Depending on the destinations of the cruise ship, employees may be able to enjoy waterskiing, wind surfing and scuba diving. These are common cruise ship activities. Many ships offer a wide range of options beyond just these.

Visiting exotic lands while gaining a glimpse of the world is another reason many choose to work on cruise lines. Wherever the destination, there is sure to be some time available to enjoy it. Cruise ship jobs are often demanding. The work is hard and the hours may be long. However, there is also downtime where employees have the opportunity to do nothing but enjoy their surroundings and relax.

There are several options to finding work on a cruise line. Individuals may choose to research cruise lines individually and apply to those they are interested in working for. There is also the option of learning about jobs and opportunities through placement services. There are many placement services including the likes of Crew Finders, Yacht Crews and the Carole Manto Agency. These three services are in Fort Lauderdale, but there are literally hundreds of cruise ship job placement services and job boards.

To increase your chances of success in finding a job on a cruise ship or yacht, you should tackle the job search from several different angles. Apply directly to cruise lines, work with an agency and list your resume/CV on job boards. The more you work at it, the greater your chances of find the cruise job of your dreams.

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