Jobs on Coastal Vessels

There are many different types of jobs available on coastal vessels including jobs on cruise ships, fishing boats, and cargo vessels. Cruise ship jobs have the most variety and the industry is one of the few that has steadily grown over time. Cruise ships continue to be a popular vacation for many, even in a weak economy. Over 80 new cruise ships were introduced between 2000 and 2008. Moreover, it is anticipated that new cruise ships will continue to be built on a yearly basis.

There are many benefits to acquiring a cruise job including the ability to travel the world, paid accommodations, you can meet individuals and celebrities from around the world, have little to no living expenses, free medical insurance, discounted cruise rates for relatives and family members, good salaries, and several weeks of vacation time every year.

There are two major categories of jobs on cruise ships. The first category is made up of individuals who are responsible for maintaining and operating the ship. The second category is made up of the individuals who are responsible for taking care of and entertaining cruise ship guests. Within each of these categories are several different departments covering a wide range of jobs. Each type of job requires different levels of experience and different skills. It is a good idea to identify, which areas you have the skills, experience, and desire to work in before applying.

The different job categories of your typical cruise ship are: Beauty Salon Department, Casino Department, Cruise Staff Department, Deck Department, Engine Department, Entertainment Department, Food and Beverage Department, Galley Department, Gift Shop Department, Hotel Operations Department, Housekeeping Department, Information Technology Department, Medical Department, and Photo Department.

As you can see, there are many jobs to choose from. Everything from waiting tables to cutting hair, doctors to singers, ship deck cleaners to pool maintenance, and human resource personnel to ship captain is available for those who want to pursue a job or career on a cruise line.

The work can be demanding at times and the days can be long. However, on off days employees get to enjoy the same surroundings and benefits available to the guest. Your meals are prepared for you and your rooms are provided free of charge. Exotic destinations welcome you year-round and you have the ability to participate in excursions and activites at the ports you visit. It is a different and exciting lifestyle with many benefits.

Visit Cruise Ship Jobs ( to learn more about available positions and to apply for openings with cruise ships worldwide. Please note that this site charges a fee. You can apply for jobs on coastal vessels on your own (for free) or sign up with a placement agency for free.

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