Carnival Is Stepping Up Its Design

Carnival Cruise Line has recently opened up the booking for their new ship which is currently under construction. The Mardi Gras, while still in dry dock, promises to have something for everyone, in addition to a new look that has never been seen on any Carnival ship. These new color schemes and designs are being credited with the record-breaking sales for this new ship before it even hits the water.

The Cloud 9 interior staterooms feature a luxurious double bed and soothing neutral tones throughout the cabin. The ocean theme is clear as there are accents in a variety of blue hues that mimic the waters that will be surrounding the Mardi Gras once she is in the open sea. One of the added features in these newly designed rooms are the USB ports beside the bed. They are perfect for getting an overnight charge on your phone while still being able to reach it when your alarm sounds in the morning. The round ceiling light and the rounded mirror add to the ambiance and the nautical theme.

The Havana interior staterooms offer a more colorful palette than the Cloud 9 but are still very tastefully festive. These rooms offer access to the Havana Resort area which features a relaxation pool, bar and more for the guests enjoying the Havana level. While still decorated in a neutral color for the wall color, there are fun splashes of orange, gold, and blue in the linens and throw pillows to provide a feeling of visiting a resort in old Havana.

For a larger accommodation, the Cloud 9 Spa Oceanview Staterooms offer guests a full seating area in addition to the standard bed and dresser. These rooms were designed to create space for a friendly gathering with new friends or traveling companions without awkwardly sitting on someone else’s bed. The couch is a great place to relax and enjoy the view or even read a good book. Again, the color scheme for these rooms is calming as the name implies. Serenity will be found in the soft seafoam green and muted yellows.

The newly designed cabins on the Mardi Gras are certain to be a hit as they offer passengers the look and feel of a very modern tropical oasis. And if space is a concern, never fear because there are a wide array of suites available that include as much as nearly 100 square feet with separate entertaining space and even a dining area. But the most important thing to know is that you need to book quickly if you want to enjoy all of the great features of the Mardi Gras while it is still brand new.


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