For the Nordic-at-Heart Cruise to the Poles with Ponant Cruise Line

Sometimes it is easy to forget that cruise ships go anywhere other than tropical oases and Caribbean hideaways. But for those hearty souls who want to experience the other extreme and see what the cold regions of the planet have to offer, then there is only one cruise line that you are ever going to need to fulfill your dreams. Le Commandant Charcot is known as the Pioneer of the Poles and is the vision of Ponant. This will be the world’s first electric hybrid polar exploration ship powered by liquefied natural gas. This ship will launch in 2021 and will be THE way to experience the very top and very bottom of the world in ultimate luxury.

In addition to providing everything that passengers could ask for and more, this ship will provide what the planet needs as well. An astounding 85% reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions and a 95% reduction in fine particle emissions earns this mechanical wonder the title of “clean ship” equipped. Other features will include cutting edge double action which will allow the ship to move forwards through compact ice and reverse through extreme ice conditions.

Guests, other than the odd engineer or two who book a cruise, will be more interested in the deluxe suite accommodations available, many of which offer patio doors to a private balcony. The list of amenities includes an outdoor pool as well as an indoor pool, a spa, a sports hall, a theater, the main lounge, an open-air bar, a grill restaurant, and a winter garden. And when it’s time for exploration, there is a fleet of 16 expedition quality Zodiacs waiting to zoom adventurous passengers right up to the natural wonder that is out of reach of the larger ship.

Guests in the 135 cabins will be hosted by a crew of 187 when onboard this 150-meter long vessel. Cruises will range from 10 to 30 nights for the Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. Currently, pre-booking deposits are being accepted, and booking will begin April 11, 2019, for the first season’s travel. More details on the destinations and dates can be found on the Ponant website. Information regarding the staterooms and pricing options is also available even though the ship’s construction has barely begun. But with limited space on this one of a kind ship, booking early is highly recommended. These trips are certain to create once in a lifetime memories that you will never forget.

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