MSC to Restart Cruising in the Mediterranean this Month

If you’ve been dying to take a Mediterranean vacation but have had no options due to COVID-19, MSC Cruises is here to help you out. MSC, which stands for Mediterranean Shipping Company, recently announced that they will be restarting some Mediterranean cruises in August 2020 on two of their main ships. They also had another announcement that points towards the good health of the company. Let’s check it out.


Like almost every other cruise line on earth, MSC has been unable to sail for months since the COVID-19 pandemic began to spread. Luckily they are now easing back into business by getting two of their ships back onto the ocean. The MSC Grandiosa and the MSC Magnifica will both be sailing itineraries in the Mediterranean in August. The Grandiosa started on August 16th, and the Magnifica will start on August 29th.


Because both of these ships are stationed in Europe, the rules around cruising are a bit more relaxed than they are in the United States. Cruise ships are beginning to be able to sail again, but it must be done with caution and strict health rules must be followed if there are plans to dock in any country. According to the executive chairman of MSC, the cruise line “worked closely with the relevant EU-level, national health and other authorities from the countries that [the ships] will call along their Mediterranean itineraries” to ensure safety. Their new health protocols include mandatory COVID-19 testing before anyone enters the ship, as well as “protected ashore visits” at all of the ports of call.

The itineraries

Both the Grandiosa and the Magnifica will both be offering recurring seven-night cruises throughout the Mediterranean. Guests on the Grandiosa can look forward to stopping at Genoa, Rome, Naples, Palermo, and Valleta, while those on the Magnifica will travel to Greece, visiting Corfu, Katakolon, and Piraeus. There are some restrictions, though, as MSC “will initially only welcome guests who are residents in Schengen countries and subject to any restrictions imposed by the Italian authorities,” according to Cruise Industry News. However, this will hopefully open up to other travelers sooner rather than later.

Other good news

That’s not all the good news that’s coming from MSC! The cruise line has also confirmed that they will not be selling any of their ships. Rumors have swirled about this since Carnival Corporation has had several of its cruise lines sell off some of their vessels, but it seems these rumors are completely unfounded. The CEO of MSC said, bluntly, “No, absolutely not,” when asked if they would be selling any ships. There you have it!

It seems the future is bright for MSC, which is great to see. Hopefully these new health guidelines will work excellently and people will be able to take cruises with them in perfect safety.

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