Spend Valentine’s Day on a Cruise This Year!

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. For those of us that are part of a couple, the lovey holiday can become a very big deal. Some people don’t want big, showy celebrations, but others do. If your significant other is someone who likes to live it up on Valentine’s and you’re still looking for an idea on how to meet their expectations, look no more! A trip via cruise for Valentine’s Day is one of the most perfect gifts you can give. Plus, it’s a gift to yourself, too! If you’re curious why we think a cruise is such a great romantic getaway, read on!

Ditch the cliches

Movies have drilled it into us exactly what to expect on Valentine’s: flowers, chocolates, heartfelt notes, et cetera. While these are all definitely nice things, they can get predictable year after year. One way to show a loved one how much you really care is thinking outside the box, and a cruise is definitely just that. While you can still partake in the normal festivities at sea, the trip itself will be completely unexpected and a real delight. Plus, you can pick an itinerary that’s carefully tailored to the kinds of things and places you want to experience on Valentine’s, leaving you free to engage in the lovey-dovey or go exploring somewhere exotic.

Holiday sales!

Valentine’s isn’t always the biggest event for cruise lines, so it’s not uncommon to see some pretty good sales when February rolls around. For instance, Celebrity currently has a sale going until February 22 that can save you up to $400 on a suite (you can check that out over here). Other money saving opportunities could pop up even closer to the holiday, so keep an eye out.


The best thing about a cruise is that you get to choose exactly the type of experience you want. For Valentine’s Day, you can pick a smaller, more luxurious ship with plenty of options for private decadence. Some ships offer rooms with private balconies or hot tubs, the perfection of which needs no explanation. Five-star dining and quiet nights are an excellent combination for the holiday, both of which are easy to achieve on plenty of different cruise ships.

Heat things up

If you live in a place with a colder climate, you know that February can get pretty icy. The cold isn’t exactly conducive to romance: who wants to leave the house to go to a fancy dinner when it’s a blizzard outside? Instead, a cruise ship could whisk you away to a Caribbean island with breezy, tropical heat. Even aside from the romantic aspect of it, your partner will thank you for an escape from the cold, making your gift seem even better. Relationship points, woohoo!

While we aren’t hoping you have been putting off Valentine’s plans until now, a cruise is the perfect option for the procrastinators among us. Lots of different cruise lines offer Valentine’s options, so start exploring and book your perfect gift!

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