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The Cruise Lines with the Best Water Parks

Water parks are some of the most fun things about cruises. From huge pools to towering slides, anyone in the family can enjoy a solid water park. As cruise ships get bigger and bigger, water parks are getting bigger and better as well. They offer the chance to relax or enjoy a lot of excitement depending on your mood, and they are a great way to pass time while waiting to get to the next destination. But knowing how great they can be brings up an important question: which cruise line should you choose to experience the best water parks in the industry? Read more [...]

The Most Adventurous Carnival Cruise Destinations

Carnival Cruise is known for affordable and convenient itineraries. But they also offer many cruises to very adventurous destinations. They sail all around the world, and their iconic Caribbean cruises are only a small portion of their full cruise calendar. Whether you're interested in spotting rare wildlife, sailing beneath ice-capped mountains, or visiting obscure and harsh environments, there's a Carnival itinerary for you. Read more [...]

Cruise Demand is Going Up Once Again

The demand for cruises has been a bit shaky over the past few years. While it has generally remained high despite the pandemic, it has had low periods recently. Thankfully, a myriad of factors are combining to bring demand for cruises up once again. Both Royal Caribbean and Carnival have been reporting high booking numbers, signalling a bright future for the cruise industry. Read more [...]

Great 2023 Carnival Cruise Line Itineraries

We won't fault you if you're already thinking of the 2023 cruise season. Carnival has plenty of itineraries that you can look forward to. Read more [...]

Carnival Cruises Moves Forward with New Ships

Carnival is building up forward momentum despite the industry's uncertain state. They have multiple new ships on the horizon. Read more [...]

Three Affordable (and Fun) Cruises to Canada

Canada is a great cruise destination. These three itineraries are great choices to get away from the most heavily-trafficked areas! Read more [...]
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