The Weekly Coronavirus Cruise Cancellations

Another week, another round of cancellations throughout the cruise industry thanks to our old nemesis coronavirus. At this point, we’ve written about COVID-19 so much that we’re starting to feel like we have a relationship with it. Stockholm syndrome, maybe? Well, it’s sort of jailed us all in our houses, so it makes sense. Anyway, more and more cruise lines are coming out of the woodwork to announce cancellations of all different sizes, so let’s look at them. Here are some of the cancellations that occurred from March 19 to March 26.

Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection was one of the more anticipated new cruise lines. It was set to premiere this year, but sadly, it looks like they are pushing things back. Their new inaugural sailing date is April 22, 2021. Interestingly, it seems that this is due to their shipyard having some delays. Those who are excited about this cruise line can look forward to next year when Evrima, their first ship, sails out of Lisbon.

American Queen Steamboat Company

Because it’s a smaller cruise line, American Queen Steamboat Company has more to fear from closing down operations for a few months than some others. Still, they have done so. They won’t be sailing until May 16. Their statement included the following message: “we encourage you to stay positive and know that we will emerge as a stronger, more determined and more successful company.”

Victory Cruise Line

Victory Cruise Line is in much the same boat (so to speak) as AQSC. They have suspended operations until May 17.

Dream Cruises

Rather than shutting down all of their itineraries, Dream Cruises is instead currently opting to just get rid of their planned Australia/New Zealand program that was supposed to take place in this and next year. This is one of the first cancellations we have seen so far that extends into 2021.

Royal Caribbean

We all already know that Royal had shut down their cruise operations for a while, but the company just took stricter measures by extending the time they’ll be shut down for. Now, you can expect them to be docked until May 12. Alaska, Canada and New England itineraries will return on July 1.

While all of these cancellations certainly spell trouble, we have to think of them in a different way. Any business that shuts down operations will have a huge effect on how much the virus is spread, which is what we really need right now. More healthy people in a few months means more people sailing, so it’s likely that economic harm caused now will be made up for in the future. Until then, let’s all stay put and just read some more articles on the Internet!

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