Three Amazing Arctic Expedition Itineraries in 2020 and 2021

Who doesn’t dream of taking an expedition into the Arctic? If we think of a vacation as a way of getting away from it all, there’s perhaps no place that lets you do that better. It’s one of the most remote regions in the world, and it’s been practically untouched by human civilization (comparatively, at least). Last week we covered three exciting itineraries that can take you to Antarctica in 2021, but why should we ignore the Arctic? Arctic expeditions are very popular in the cruise world, and for good reason. If you’re interested in seeing a whole new world, check out some of these Arctic expeditions.

Expedition to the Thule Region with Ponant

In an itinerary that mixes myth with real exploration, the Expedition to the Thule Region is one that prospective northern travelers should definitely not miss out on considering. It’s expensive, sure (it starts at around $18,000), but it’s pretty unique. It traverses from Greenland to the most intense, icy reaches of the planet, with promises to see polar bears, wolves and musk ox. This one starts on July 29 of this year, so definitely look into it soon if your interest is piqued. It lasts 17 days, and you can read all about it here.

Reykjavik to Kangerlussuaq with Silversea

Whoo, that title was a mouthful. This one is also slated for this summer (it leaves July 20). It traverses from Iceland to Greenland over the course of 16 days, and stops at 20 different ports. You’ll sail across the Arctic Sea, visit a tiny village of sheep farmers, kayak through extreme environments, and even travel through the Prince Christian Sound, a body of water that connects the two coasts of Greenland. The itinerary also mentions that there’s a solid chance of spotting some whales as you navigate the glaciers around Greenland. It’s $22,000, but keep in mind that Silversea cruises are all-inclusive. You can read about it here.

North Pole: the Ultimate Arctic Adventure with Quark Expeditions

Quark Expeditions is one cruise line that really earns the word “expedition.” This isn’t as much of a fun vacation as it is a journey into the cold heart of planet Earth. Leaving from Finland, this itinerary takes you to the North Pole, a place very few people have ever been. It offers a helicopter ride over the Arctic Ocean and the possibility to see polar bears on the hunt. Maybe the most impressive thing about this already very impressive voyage is the fact that they take travelers on a hot air balloon ride over the North Pole. Yeah, you’re not gonna get that anywhere else. There are two departure dates for this trip, both in June 2021. They start at $31,995. Check out the details here.

Undoubtedly, sailing the Arctic on a cruise is a life-changing experience, and any of these itineraries would be fantastic options. Riding a hot air balloon over Santa’s toy factory…sure sounds cool, huh?

Three Amazing Arctic Expedition Itineraries in 2020 and 2021
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Three Amazing Arctic Expedition Itineraries in 2020 and 2021
Who doesn't dream of taking an expedition into the Arctic?

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