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There are several reasons why more people choose a Caribbean cruise over any other type of cruise offered today. A Caribbean cruise offers flexible schedules, a wide variety of itineraries ranging from just a few days up to seven days or more, some of the lowest cruise prices available, and every major cruise line has frequent sailings to the Caribbean. Just think, Caribbean cruises embark from more ports of call than any other type of cruise on the market today!

A Caribbean cruise vacation also offers access to one world’s best climates, with sparkling blue waters perfect for snorkeling, sailing, scuba diving and swimming, gorgeous scenery, excellent recreational opportunities, and some of most spectacular white sand beaches on the planet. So, it’s no wonder Caribbean cruises account for more than 60% of the North American cruise industry.

There are four different types of Caribbean cruises to choose from including: Eastern Caribbean cruise, Western Caribbean cruise, Southern Caribbean cruise, and Deep Southern Caribbean cruise. The most common Caribbean cruise itineraries, however, are the Eastern Caribbean itinerary, the Western Caribbean itinerary, and the Southern Caribbean itinerary.

Most Eastern Caribbean cruises embark from Florida. Ports of call on Eastern Caribbean cruises may include: St. Marteen, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, St. John and St. Thomas. On Eastern Caribbean cruises, excursions are plentiful and passengers generally spend less time at sea and more time engaging in water activities such as snorkeling and scuba diving, exploring rain forests, and relaxing on white sand beaches. Eastern Caribbean cruises also offer plenty of opportunities to shop or dine at sea side restaurants where unique fusion foods and drinks are the norm.

Western Caribbean cruises may embark from New Orleans, Texas or Florida and ports of call include exotic places like: Belize, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Cozumel or Grand Cayman. Because WC ports of call are farther apart, passengers spend more time at sea, but there are still opportunities to hike through rainforests, explore Mayan ruins and amazing mountain waterfalls and engage in a variety of water activities.

Southern Caribbean cruises generally embark from San Juan and typical ports of call include: Antigua, British Virgin Islands, Martinique, St. Marteen and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Barbados, St. Kitts, Tortola, Dominica and St. Lucia are considered Deep Southern ports of call. Southern Caribbean destinations offer some of the most amazing snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities as well as lush rain forests and majestic waterfalls. Be prepared to take pictures of unique structures and cathedrals as well.

Although Caribbean cruise prices are generally on the low end, prices may vary depending on the cruise line, cruise ship, itinerary, and accommodations. Keep in mind that prices don’t necessarily depend on ports of call. In most cases, prices may depend heavily on the accommodations (whether you choose luxury, mid-range, or budget accommodations).

As a general rule of thumb, most prices include: meals, ship transportation, accommodations, entertainment and most social activities. The price may not include: alcohol, dry cleaning, excursions, gratuities, port charges or gambling. Passengers may find some of the best values through Caribbean cruise lines during the month of January, late spring, and during the months of September, October, November, and December. Caribbean cruise itineraries may be short-term (2-5 days) or long-term (7-10 days). For most Caribbean cruise lines, the 7-day Caribbean cruise is the most requested.

Tip: If time is limited, fly into San Juan instead of Miami. It generally takes two days to sail from Miami to San Juan, so the two days you save can be spent exploring the beautiful Caribbean.

While all major cruise lines offer Caribbean cruise itineraries, some of the most popular Caribbean cruise lines include: Celebrity Cruises, Costa Cruises, Royal Caribbean International, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Regent Seven Seas.

Booking your Caribbean cruise with popular cruise lines offer several advantages. You will have a wider selection of itineraries to choose from and popular cruise lines tend to offer the best discounts on cruises. In fact, Caribbean cruise specials are always at the top of the list of the “Best Cruise Deals,” so take advantage! You can also enjoy savings on your Caribbean cruise by booking in advance, booking last minute, booking off-season, booking with a group or family, booking online or taking advantage of special senior rates. A senior is typically defined as a person who is 55 or older. To lock in special rates simply call your cruise travel specialist or book directly with the cruise line. Keep in mind that proof of age is required.

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