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The Best Cruise Lines in the UK

There are a lot of great cruise lines in the UK. Many of them even compete with the biggest American cruise lines. Read more [...]

Will Proof of Vaccination Be Needed to Take a Cruise in 2021?

With several different coronavirus vaccines being distributed around the world, many have been left wondering how they will change our world. Read more [...]

Cruise News Round-up: Donations, Delays and Lay-offs

Let's take a look at some of the latest cruise news, starting with some humanitarian efforts. Read more [...]

Cruise Line Profiles: Saga Cruises

Saga Cruises is not a household name for all travelers out there. This is likely by design, as the British-based cruise line is designed from the ground-up for the specific demographic of people 50 and older. Read more [...]
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Adults Only Cruises – Not Racy Just Child- Free

For many travelers, there is a distinction between an adults only cruise and a kid-free cruise. The “adults only” phrase conjures up an image of debauchery, risqué activities and even a clothing-optional environment whereas a “kid-free” cruise seems to imply that there is simply a minimum age for guests. But within the cruise ship industry, the two terms are pretty interchangeable. If you are looking for that “what happens on the cruise ship stays on the cruise ship” type of experience, Read more [...]

Saga Cruises

Saga Cruises is an award-winning UK-Based cruise line featuring two intimate ships named Saga Pearl II and Saga Ruby. Each ship has its own special itineraries, but guests can choose destinations ranging from North America to the Far East to the Middle East. Read more [...]
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