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Cruise News Round-up: Vaccines for Crystal Guests, Cancellations, and More

Let's take a look at a few smaller cruise news stories from this month. Read more [...]

Tragedy Strikes Princess Cruise Lines Resort Princess Cays

Princess Cruise Lines have confirmed that a fire destroyed several buildings on the south side of Princess Cays, the island which is home to their resort. Read more [...]
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Costco Cruises with the Grand Princess

A couple of months or so ago, the Grand Princess offered one of Costco's top-selling cruises. At the moment, this is no longer the case, but the Grand Princess is still a very popular ship that Costco members have rated highly. Because of its once (and perhaps future) top-selling status, we decided the Grand Princess needs its own article. Below we supply an overview of the cruises you can take with the Grand Princess, as well as explain how to book Grand Princess cruises through Costco Travel. Read more [...]
The Love Boat and Princess Cruises

The Love Boat and Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises is sometimes called the "Love Boat cruise line," which is completely inexplicable unless you're familiar with The Love Boat television series and Princess Cruises' role therein. Princess Cruises played an essential role in The Love Boat, and Princess Cruises came to prominence largely because of its role in the hit television series; in fact, cruising itself came to prominence in part because of the show. Below we explain the precise connection between Princess Cruises and The Love Boat. If anyone ever asks you why Princess Cruises is called the "Love Boat cruise line," you'll have a ready answer. Read more [...]
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Princess Cruise Lines: An Overview

We have written this article and given it the title "Princess Cruise Lines" primarily to clear up a confusion. There is actually no Princess Cruise Lines - plenty of people search for it, but technically no company goes by that name - but there is a Princess Cruises, the "Love Boat" cruise line because one of its ships was used for the television show. Princess Cruises is owned by Carnival Corporation & PLC, an enormous enterprise that operates several distinct cruise lines. Perhaps people simply think Princess Cruises is called Princess Cruise Lines, or it might be that people are mixing up a single cruise line (Princess Cruises) with the company that owns it, mistakenly thinking that the cruise line conglomerate Carnival Corporation is called Princess. Whatever the confusion, we set everything straight below. Read more [...]

Princess Cruises Did Not Ignore Stranded Fishing Boat, Says Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises is being sued in federal court in Miami for allegedly ignoring a fishing boat in distress, which is illegal under both U.S. and international maritime law. The suit is being brought against the cruise company by Adrian Vasquez, the only one of three men on the stranded vessel who survived the ordeal, and the families of the two men who perished. The fishing boat, which was called the Fifty Cent, was 100 miles from land in March when the Princess Cruises ship Star Princess allegedly passed the ship without offering any assistance, despite the fact that Vasquez and another fisherman on board the imperiled vessel frantically waved a shirt and life jacket to try catch the ship's attention. As targets of lawsuits tend to do, Princess Cruises is denying the chargers, pointing to both video and photographic evidence to make its case. However, Princess Cruises is battling a narrative told by not only the plaintiffs, but also by Judy Meredith and few other passengers on board the Star Princess at the time of the incident. Read more [...]
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