Understanding Each Different Cruise Line’s Target Audience

Understanding the target demographic for each cruise line is a huge first stride in choosing the cruise line for your next vacation. Just as you would research different locales for a dream vacation destination, you should also invest some time in learning whom each cruise line considers to be their target passengers. Not only will the target demographic have an impact on the entertainment and activities offered on board the ship but it can all influence the types of cuisine offered and even the accommodations such as the size of the cabins and the extent of the luxuries provided in the cabins. Obviously, we cannot cover every cruise line in this short article but we will cover some of the larger, more well-known lines to ensure that readers are booking and enjoying their perfect cruise vacation.

Carnival – The Fun Ships

Carnival Cruise Lines are a very popular choice for the budget conscious traveler first and foremost. Taking that into consideration, you should clearly expect to find many young adults who are taking in their first cruise but need to watch their spending. The affordable pricing offered by Carnival also makes this a popular choice for young families who want to enjoy the fun and family activities offered as well as having the opportunity for mom and dad to slip away for some grown-up entertainment. The ships offer a wide array of family and child-friendly activities from Dr. Seuss for the youngsters to huge water park-like adventures for the teens. Carnival is also a popular choice for family reunions and large groups who want to travel on a fun ship but also need to mind a budget.

Royal Caribbean – The Huge Ships

Royal Caribbean is a family-friendly cruise line which offers something for everyone from the youngest tots to the doting grandparents who are along to enjoy the fun and provide a respite for mom and dad from time to time. The largest ships in the fleet can accommodate over 5000 passengers and are the largest cruise ships on the planet. If you think of most cruise ships as a small town at sea then consider these vessels to be a floating city that could rival many of the U.S. Capital cities. These ships offer shopping atriums, live stage shows, ice skating rinks, rock climbing walls and pools that are simply spectacular featuring water slides and much more. The meals on the RC line vary from a buffet to fine dining for an add-on fee as well as many of your favorite brands from home including Johnny Rockets and Starbucks.

Holland America Line – Traditional Amenities for the Mature Traveler

Dating back to 1873, Holland America has a long history in the cruise industry and has built quite a loyal following over the years. The ships are in the mid-range as far as their size and all but two ships have a capacity of under 2000 guests, making the experience a bit more intimate. The ship is a bit more formal, or upscale if you like, with notable artwork adorning the common areas and afternoon tea service. Though some of the ships are a little long in the tooth, recent renovations have added steakhouses, coffee shops, lounge areas and libraries for guests to enjoy. The stage performances are geared to an older crowd as are the cabins with most offering a bathtub which is somewhat of a rarity on most other cruise lines. The itineraries of HAL also tend to cater to the more mature as they are venturing to areas such as the Panama Canal and South America rather than focusing only on only the trendy spots in the Caribbean.

Understanding the target demographic for each cruise line is certainly going to make it much easier for you to decide which cruise line will best meet your needs for activities, meal options, space and your desired level of tranquility. And making a good selection will ensure that your cruise experience is fantastic, relaxing and the first of many cruises.



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