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What is Parbuckling? With Special Reference to the Costa Concordia Recovery Operation

Parbuckling is the process by which a sunken vessel is rotated to an upright position by harnessing leverage. An instance of parbuckling is called a parbuckle salvage for obvious reasons: a ship is parbuckled so that it may be salvaged. This may appear to be an esoteric topic of concern only to engineers, which is essentially true, but parbuckling came to the attention of a larger audience with the raising of the Costa Concordia, the cruise ship that tragically sunk off the coast of Italy after rocks tore through the side of the vessel. The shipwreck caused 32 deaths, by far the worst cruise ship disaster in recent memory. Below is a brief explanation of parbuckling; we'll leave aside technical details and instead focus on the amazing righting of the Costa Concordia. Read more [...]

The Costa Concordia: Ship Raised (Photos), Human Remains Found, and Other Updates

The sinking of the Costa Concordia was by far the worst ship disaster in recent memory. It captured the world's attention, and for good reason. Modern cruise ships are remarkably safe, and even if they have problems, which they occasionally do (just ask Carnival), 32 people don't die as a consequence. It is therefore not surprising that people have been following the Costa Concordia story closely, especially in recent days, during which the ship was raised successfully and human remains were found. However, there is so much currently happening with the Costa Concordia - each day seemingly brings new updates - that we thought we'd call your attention to the major stories. Below is all you need to know about the news swirling around the Costa Concordia, and we've also included some awesome pictures of the raising of the ship for good measure. Read more [...]

The Raising of the Costa Concordia, to be Attempted Monday

If you follow cruise industry news, or if you follow the news at all, you'll probably know plenty about the Costa Concordia disaster. You'll recall that the Costa Concordia, a cruise ship that could hold over 4,000 passengers, crashed into rocks near the Isola del Giglio, Italy, an accident causing 32 deaths, because its captain, Francesco Schettino, sailed too close to shore. However, this tragedy happened nearly two years ago, and you probably haven't heard much about the ship since then. What happened to the Costa Concordia? Do the waters off the coast Giglio now have a permanent shipwreck site, or are they going raise the Costa Concordia and get it out of there? At last, there is some new information on this front, and the plan, by no means guaranteed to be successful, is to remove the ship from its current, tenuous resting place, possibly as soon as this Monday. Below are the most recent updates about the Costa Concordia. Read more [...]

The Fire on the Royal Caribbean Ship Grandeur of the Seas

For the first time in a while, a cruise ship that was involved in a catastrophe (or near catastrophe) wasn't owned by Carnival. (You can read about the most recent Carnival cruise ship incident here, which also discusses the many other disasters the industry giant has been involved with over the past year or so.) Instead, the affected ship this time - the Grandeur of the Seas - belongs to Royal Caribbean, the second largest cruise ship operator in the world after Carnival. Early on Memorial Day, the Grandeur of the Seas caught on fire, causing panic and an immediate crisis situation on a ship at sea with over 2,000 guests on board. Below is an overview of the fire on Royal Caribbean's Grandeur of the Seas, an episode that for the most part has now concluded, with the ship's passengers home or en route thereto, although there is an ongoing investigation into what caused the fire in the first place. Read more [...]

The Carnival Triumph and its Newest Problems – Man Still Missing in Mobile River

Evidently, the problems never end for the Carnival Triumph, the Carnival cruise ship that has been involved in two headline-making ordeals so far this year. The most recent Carnival Triumph problem occurred yesterday, when high winds caused the ship to break away from a repair dock in Mobile, Alabama. A guard tent on the shipyard grounds and the two men within it were also blown into the waters of the Mobile River. One man was recovered and is being treated at a hospital, but the other man is still missing. The Carnival Triumph has been recovered and secured to the dock, with tugboats standing by as a precautionary measure. This most recent Carnival Triumph incident is not tied to the guard shack and the missing man, other than that both problems were caused by the same strong winds. Read more [...]

The Carnival Dream Failure – Equipment Problems Ruin Another Carnival Cruise

The Carnival ship Carnival Dream is currently docked in St. Maarten in the Caribbean because of equipment malfunctions. The failure of the Dream, which is being described as a "technical issue" by Carnival, has led to various problems on the ship, with one passenger complaining to CNN that human waste is all over the floors of some bathrooms because of overflow. Some of the elevators on board the Carnival Dream are also not working, an issue that is presumably tied to the reported power outages occurring on the ship. Read more [...]