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Channel Island Cruises

Tips to Keep Your Shore Excursion on Budget

One of the features that makes a cruise very appealing to many travelers is that you can enjoy a nice vacation while remaining within your budget. Most cruises are all-inclusive, meaning that your accommodations, meals and a great deal of entertainment are all included in the cost of the cruise, so once you pay for the cruise your expenses are fairly limited. But the second you take your first step into a port of call, the cost can begin to grow very rapidly. However, following a few simple tips Read more [...]

Castaway Cay – Disney Cruise Lines Private Island

If you are considering a Disney cruise in the Bahamas, there is a very special feature that you should know about. The three, four, five and seven-night cruises on the Disney Wonder, Disney Fantasy, Disney Dream and the Disney Magic all make a special stop at Castaway Cay which is Disney’s private island! This is a shore excursion that adults and kids of all ages are sure to remember for a lifetime, not only for the incredible beauty but also because of all of the great activities. The Beach Scene The Read more [...]

Cruise Shore Excursion

What's more exciting than taking a cruise vacation? Exploring all of the exciting ports along the way! No matter what your destination, your cruise vacation will certainly include stops at exciting ports where you can do everything from shop and dine to hike and swim. If you are taking a cruise that highlights shore excursions, you are definitely in for a treat! Read more [...]

Cruise Shore Excursion

Depending on the type of cruise vacation, cruise shore excursions may run the gamut from "flightseeing" and guided tours on foot to shopping and adventure trips. If you want to enjoy everything your port of call has to offer, go ahead - sign up for one or more shore excursions! Read more [...]
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